Assignment 1 – Personal Image

I don’t think I have ever planned out a design for a project before I have gone out to shoot photo’s, very rarely if so. I wasn’t sure how to sketch my ideas for this image but I’ll try to think of something to add, even if I just redraw whats below.

Below are images from one of my favorite music groups as part of the promotional media they released for the album. I really liked the artistic style and feel of a lot of the images and wondered if I had what it would take to create one on my own – from scratch that is, not just using some “do it all” filter or effect. I wanted to see if I could recreate it using basic/common tools.

Here are the promotional/cover artwork pieces:

The pieces mix photography, with highly stylized editing and bits of lyrics or themes from the album.

I then took a picture I had taken and threw it into Photoshop to see if I could create something with the same feel and mimic the text without just copying or googling the exact font package or whatever.

Here is the image I came up with:

I didn’t spend too much time trying to get the font exact, I mainly wanted to capture the feel while referencing the source material as little as possible to prevent me from simply copying or A-B ing too much. I really wanted to get the idea and try to create something with a similar feel.

The feel, layers and design of this image describe a lot of my life and artistic work. The image is of a tree, though I thought it could pass for a mountain range at a glance as well, I love nature and have always found a special beauty in the mundane or ordinary things of this world (like tree bark in this example). I think the editing style also reflects my taste and desire to be learning about what is new and fresh. Music is a huge part of my life and the album I sourced this idea from is by a band that has been a massive influence to me; I have listened to their music for well over 10 years and have performed many of their songs as well. United (the band) shares my faith and has been a source of encouragement and inspiration in every area of my life.

This image captures my love for creation, nature, faith, design, and creativity as well as being themed around music, like my life. I think it fits me well and also suits my introverted eccentric personality.


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