Sketches & Links Week 15

Got a great article here on camera gear that will get through airport security with minimal hassle:

This article is a really cool tutorial on using light-painting to create backgrounds and ambient light for product shoots:

This week’s sketch is a website layout for the Eyeris project



Sketches & Links Week 14

This week we have a great tutorial on getting better architectural shots from an actual architect:

Here is another really great piece on essential portrait gear, very informative with lots of good explanations:

This weeks sketch is the product itself, with a second scan showing easier to read text.

Product 1 Product 2

Sketches & Links Week 13

I found a great article on taking better landscape photos this week along with a bit of Q&A and some incredible images:

This next article is a good look at the relationship between ISO and portrait shooting:

This weeks sketch is a super early logo concept for the Eyeris project.

Logo Nov 13