Sketches & Links Week 9

An interesting and creative look, often with a minimalistic setup, of cos-play players in their homes. I had no idea who most of the characters were supposed to be!

This was a pretty funny parody of a modern photo-shoot of a female model and a motorcycle.

Interior Space 001


My sketchbook is more than my scanner can handle.


Sketches & Links Week 8

Found a pretty cool link to an interview with a landscape photographer, even though he advocates creative use via smartphone, I still enjoyed his pictures and the interview:

This is a really great gallery that plays with the idea of perspective and shows the power of props to create realism very well:

Lastly, a great video on lighting for a classic product shot:

Below is a sketch of a possible info-graphic design, not sure if it actually qualifies but it was just a way to get some thoughts on paper to start playing around with what I might end up with.

Infographic 001

Sketches & Links Week 7

I find this first one really interesting. It’s a pretty creative shot and one that could have probably been a lot easier in Photoshop, but instead of mixing photos the artist decided to create the look he wanted right at the start.

This is a fantastic walk-through on another really excellent artistic shot with minimal Photoshop trickery.

This last one is a gallery of some really cool pictures (mostly HDR) of my home city. I enjoyed seeing pictures of home and found it really enjoyable.

First sketch, a little rough, messed up side profile pretty bad.

Auto sketch 001

Second sketch, tried to just have fun with this one, I kinda like it.

Auto Sketch 2 c 001

Sketches & Links Week 6

A friend of mine posted this, it was not only a great example of special effects (not sure if after effects was used but it looks like it could very well have). The idea and the presentation was really cool in this one.

I always find these inspiring, haven’t bought one yet but it will definitely be a next step experience for me.

Here is a great tutorial on how to reduce camera shake in your photos on the fly.

This sketch is of my watch and my keys.

Objects 001

Sketches & Links Week 5

This is a photo that, like many, plays some tricks with your mind. When images like this are well done I really enjoy them, they remind me of the mystery that photography can create and that there may still be some amazing and undiscovered areas left on this earth to explore and capture.

This review takes a good look at some of the best lenses for nighttime photography:

I also picked up this CD this week. My life is heavily influence by music and so far this cd has been a welcome and refreshing addition to my collection:      (its metal)

For this weeks sketch I drew a hand. My hand to be exact.

Hand Week 5 002